" Though True Dragons are what legends are now made, we desired so profoundly for them that a world without them seemed loss in riches and beauty, at whatever cost the peril. It is one thing to read about the Xedas. It is another to meet the Children of Dragons."


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Xedas. Queen.

Strong, intelligent and cunning, the dragon folk of Xedas are scaled from top to bottom, with at least vestigial wings and a tail. Most have horns of some design, clawed hands and raptor-like feet. Powerful trackers and hunters, they have a bestial sense of smell and revel in riddles, stories and lore. Like their competitors, the Aviar, they seek out places out of the way and difficult to get to, but love making a grand statement with their lairs; it is not uncommon to have Xedas communities in castles, fortresses, and temples. Depending on their dragonic origins, they most commonly will follow in the power of those ancestral roots, as well as their weaknesses.

They are a very old race, and are considered 3rd Generation in the pantheon of species. As such, most Xedas exhibit a regal, standoffish personality. They are confident, proud, and excel at many of their endeavors; but they can also be callous, arrogant, and pompous in their gloat and power.

As clutchlings, they befriend Argolisk and Karstians the easiest, and while their meeting, especially when young, is unlikely, the young of both Xedas and Aviar get along famously, having not yet acquired the hatred of their older peers.



Xedas. Young male.

Average Height: Edit

1-2ft [birth] / 4ft [10yrs] / 6-8ft [adult] *Not including tail

Average Weight: Edit

10-15oz / 60-80 lbs / 140-250 lbs

Average Outlook: Edit

The society and world outlook of the Xedas greatly varies. Most are run like their progenitor dragon race(s)'s ideals. Speak to the DM if you are curious about which yours would more likely follow.


Language(s): Edit

Draconic, Common

DGR: Edit

Equal male and female offspring.

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Xedas. Female.

Racial Leader(s): Edit

Essoya, The Seven Sisters, Farsky, and many others.

Capital(s): Edit

Various, and most are hidden.

Famous/Infamous: Edit

Coming Soon!

Mount(s): Edit

Coming Soon!

Special Note(s): A handful of Xedas seek the prestige of their progenitors, and strive for methods to shed their humanoid forms in return for becoming ‘true dragons’. Edit