My power by sh3ikha-d4vbiad

Spellweaver invoking Electricity + Air magic. [ Click for animation! ]

Spellweavers are those individuals who can manipulate the fabric of various magic(s) through use of one or more of the Levels of Invoking. They appear in all walks of life, trained and untrained (though even the downtrodden may be given opportunities to harness and control their abilities), and are more understood in places, on some worlds, than others. And some individuals are more in tuned to certain magics and abilities than others, while some have become the most powerful amongst the Spellweavers due to their fervent and endless studies.

Throughout history, Spellweavers have been responsible for some of the most amazing, great and terrible events. Because of this they are just as greatly desired for allies as they are hated enemies.

It is believed the first Spellweavers were those with Fey blood in their veins, offspring of the most rare and forbidden bond. Though there is no doubt some of the most infamous casters can trace their lineage back to such chaotic creatures, it is also understood that Spellweavers may come from even the most magic-less folk and areas; some scholars believe this occurs in order to right a balance in the Natural, and Chaotic, world.

There are such places across all the Worlds that harbor and encourage the teaching, study, and mastering of magics, though each academy has its own rules, regulations, and entry determination. One of the most famous is LORE: Lyceum of the Arcane Arts.