" Hearty laughter is all you might hear before the attack. But do not worry, your death will be quick and clean. They like their food intact, and well preserved before feast preparation. And your army will fed them well this night. "


The race of BIG smiles, the manticore-like folk are warlike and the most well versed in the ways of battlecraft.


Shorn, Dragonforge (southern tribe), pre-adult male. Wingless.

Though under a tense truce with most other races, they tend to push their luck and stir up trouble when and where they dare. Their appetites match their fierceness in battle. They eat and drink big, and if nothing else, are well known for their great feasts and hearty cooking, infamous for bringing down a whole dragon and making a massive pit just to slow roast it, much to the chagrin of the Xedas. They are a superstitious bunch as well, heavily ingrained in their nordic-like religions and folklore. Their cubs most often befriend the Karstians, whom they get their armor and weapons from as adults. Most others, especially small others, tend to give the toothy Shorn plenty of space.


Average Height: Edit

1.5ft / 3.5-5 ft / 7-10ft

Average Weight: Edit

25 lbs / 70-100 lbs / 250-500 lbs

Average Outlook: Edit

Pretty much smiley lion scorpion vikings, they are taught from an early age the arts of war, weapons and strategy. They are a merry and merciless lot, and the best way to stay alive amongst them is to provide exceptional food or exceptional entertainment. Recent generations have attempted to curb their bloodthirsty natures in order to better fit into magical societies, but most still retain their adventurous, rambunctious and trouble-finding ways. They are particularly fond of hunting, skinning/gutting and cooking their own food.  


Shorn. Coldwraith Canyons (northern tribe). Adult male, tail-less.



Language(s): Edit

Common, Low Common, Bestial, some know Low Demonic.

DGR: Edit

Equal male and female offspring.

Racial Leader(s): Edit

Borgis the All Slayer, Dreadfist, Gabriel

Capital(s): Edit

Dragonforge to the south, Coldwraith Canyon in the north.

Famous/Infamous: Edit

Coming Soon!

“Lo, there do I see my father.

Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers.

Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.

Lo, they do call to me.

They bid me take my place among them in the Halls of Valhöll where the brave may live forever.

Lo, to the glory of Tor Gundor!”