Here you may find the differences between Pet, Familiar, Companion, and then a list of potential creatures (most of which may double as mounts!).



The bond between a Spellweaver and a Familiar or Companion is very strong. Having more than one or both can be an increased strain on the Spellweaver. Students exhausting themselves to dangerous levels may require an intervention in which attempted removal of one or all of their Familiars and/or Companions may occur. Removal is an extreme case, as forced debonding can be dangerous in and of itself, and will only happen if the life of the student(s) or staff are in jeopardy. We strongly urge against any student bonding with more than one Familiar or Companion while attending this these magical studies. 

Laws of Acquiescence! Edit

This binding law requires its bindee (the Familiar / Companion) to always follow every order given to them by their Spellweaver. Any creature bound by this may attempt to fight it, but it causes great pain, wounds, and may cause death; Familiars or Companions bound unwillingly by the Laws of Acquiescence gain a new title: Minion.


Familiars are creatures that understand and often can speak Common. They are of average-to-excelled intelligence, may potentially know their own magic and casts, and, unlike Companions, may adopt a human or humanesque form outside their 'natural' form. Edit

Familiars are more often bound by Laws of Acquiescence than not. Edit

It is strictly forbidden to have a Familiar of another student. Edit


Companions are often the more unique and powerful creatures bond to Spellweavers. Companions always have their own set of spells and abilities, and can at least understand their bound Spellweaver regardless of their dialect, but not necessarily others. Companions typically are of an above average intelligence, and may try to manipulate their Spellweavers. They cannot adopt human shapes naturally.

Companions are NOT naturally bound by Laws of Acquiescence, and most will fight to remove it; only well trained and powerful Spellweavers should attempt to chain their Companions with the Laws of Acquiescence.

It is strictly forbidden to have a Companion of another student.

It is strictly forbidden to have a Companion of a demonic or divine entity. Please contact your HOUSE HEAD MASTER/MISTRESS should a Fey creature be attempting to, or succeed, in becoming your Companion. Edit