" Why are violence and the sacred so intertwined? Why is death seen as necessary to renew life? Dance is the fervor, the power, to invoke and worship our Gods. Song is the longing, the forlorn, the percussion of our life and our passing, our fight and our strength. Rise to the sound of your song! "


The playful and mischievous Myxine hail from the great watery rainforests, hidden deep in the untouched


regions of the south. They look much like aquatic ferrets, with their webbed toes, gills, fish-frills and their tail a long, powerful newt tail; it can varying between having full fur, to fur in certain areas, to a much more newt-ish slick skin, and many brilliant, tropical colors. Some scholars believes their ancestors may have been a crossing between kitsune-like creatures and great jungle river serpents. They have made great above and underwater temples and monuments, statues and stairways to exotic locale within their domain. Though they may express themselves in many ways, they excel in dance and song. They have access to great riches, jewels and gold ore veins, but they take more love in their forests, which they religiously guard.

They are quick to help, but even quicker to remove intruders from their realms, and do not take kindly to strangers that do anything to their territory. They are powerful in Water and Storm magic, and these are the divine entities they worship. Keeping to themselves, typically only their aristocrats will go off to school or elsewhere to learn of the world outside.

Though they do not often meet other races when young, they are quick to befriend just about everyone.


Average Height: Edit

9 in [birth] / 2.5ft [10 yrs] / 4-5ft [adult]

Average Weight: Edit

10oz / 20 lbs / 55 lbs

Average Outlook: Edit

Regal, proud, and taught from birth (regardless of rank!) that manner and customs are everything. They are highly trained in the proper ways in which to engage in conversation, play games, eat their food, conduct business and court. Their culture is highly centered around high society and “playing the game” that comes with court life and entertaining, and they have the means and money to do so. They love fine clothes, jewelry and outrageous headgear, all along with beautiful, bright colors, extravagant and artistic.


Language(s): Edit

Common, Aquatic, Myxinian

DGR: Edit

Equal male and female offspring.

Racial Leader(s): Edit

Aelor Suntail, Grand Priestess Coatlix

Capital(s): Edit


Famous/Infamous: Edit

Coming Soon!

Mount(s): Edit

Coming Soon!

Quote(s): Edit

“ You'd be surprised what you'd die for. You’d be surprised what you can live through. “